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All about SpaceZuluWarrior
Tuesday, 21 October 2003

Sunday: at Gran's - Uncle came to pick me up at 11.30ish - Cousin D didnt come she went into Cardiff with a friend from riding. Came back and got an early night for the prize giving. On Monday I was up early and did bog all all day - The British Computer Society gave me a years free subscription and #50 cheque - the buffet (with no sausage rolls!!!) was a complete waste of time. Most of the company representatives were talking to themselves so after 20minutes i went to Jitsu - I arraived late obviously - And altho warm on the inside i was freezing on the outside - so when 15people threw me on the left and then right - I couldnt feel the floor! I eventually got warmed up and after a few pints we moved to the Flora and had a few more - Tuesday was amazingly boring - But went to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Smiley and Su - They didnt want Dan to come - so i didnt tell him. It was very very harsh! The film was really bad to start with but was rather good by the end - so i was happy. More jitsu tomorrow!

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 11:26 PM BST
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Saturday, 18 October 2003

cant belive I havent updated all week!

Monday was good - although i couldnt stand Mr Gucci's lecture so went to Jitsu. Had to organise Minibusses for Jitsu events - "training in Stoke" and the nationals. They didnt have a bus so we had to pay to hire one. Went to Creation with C+H it was a good night. Spent most of Tuesday sobering up. Wednesday Had Jitsu to sensei R - Did the Crab Scissors throw - kani basami - at the end. Think we went to the Taf on Wednesday night. Thursday was a great Jitsu session - I got my blokes working again - Drop knees and Sacrifice throws - Unfortunatley During the night my Wrist was fucked to bits. Friday - went to uncles to get my Gi cleaned - The belt is leaving a big orange stain. Stayed for Dinner - Stu and Ed went home for the weekend beofre i left to my Uncle's. We went to see Kill Bill vol1! Its amazing! We had luxury seating with as many Nachos as we could eat. An super comic book film. Went to the Taf. Not a lot else is going on. Nanna's tomorrow. Spent the whole of the day doing the Java coursework with Triangles - Got email from Dr/Prof Rana about stupid coursework! Damn them.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 11:54 PM BST
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Sunday, 12 October 2003

Yesterday i walked to hyper value and got a new scrubing brush for the sink. 3 NTL guys came round to install TV and the first thing we watched was futurama - whoot and then sky had 3hours of WWE on it ffs! Not a lot else happened E and Sa's first year going out anniversary. We eneded up going to spoons for a few drinks etc. Nice little piss up. We agree our group lacks peer pressure - but thats a good thing overall. We dont waste so much money. Today I went to my Uncle's for lunch and met Phil my Aunt's brother - he didnt say much to me. Nice lunch - so was the cheese cake. When i got back to the house i did a massive - 6-8second fart. Followed by quite a few more. I blame something in the air. I had an email from someone who saw my AU board - I was well chuffed that someone considered joining after seeing all my hard work. So i sent back a massive email explaining how are club works. Not a great deal else is happening. We may go to the Tavistock later.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 8:20 PM BST
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Friday, 10 October 2003

Not such a great day today - Not a lot happened until i went into town. And trod in the largest dog shit the world has ever seen. Sa came back from Cornwall, we didnt go out as planned. Boring day.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 8:49 PM BST
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Thursday, 9 October 2003

No update for a few days. Not a lot has been going on really. JuiJitsu has been great. Wednesday we learnt a few new throws which seemed well harsh but not as bad as youd think. And today we got to do Tani Otoshi with novices! Whoot. I won a game of darts and I actually feel quite good about stuff. I stuck up some FAQs on the boards and found out we can train on Saturdays 11-1. I squeekie farted into a PDA before watching DeathWatch - which is a very random film. Felt rather hypo after jitsu. But me and Dan went to the new fish and chip shop where everything is half price for the first week - normally it would be quite expensive. Jumbo battered sausage with small chips #1.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 11:53 PM BST
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Sunday, 5 October 2003

No updates for ages! Ive been really busy!
Thursday I had a few lectures and then Smelly T came round and we went to Spoons for lunch. Jitsu was good because me and R (both Orange belts) got to train hardcore in the corners for about 30minutes. Sensei was caning me too when loads of novices were watching.
Friday was quite boring because I have no lectures. I decided to go to my Uncle's on a bus (#1.20) and get my Gi wasahed. The network has been playing up a little (damn thing). Friday night was meet in the Woodie for a Jitsu piss up. Only problem was that no novices came. We must try harder. I remember not wanting to go to the pub after jitsu when i first started. I remember the amazing piss ups though, and this was no different. Ended up in Oniels. Stu and Ed went for a Pizza and some guy started on him with - You're invading my personal space kinda thing. Threatened to knife him. It seemed to die down though. Saturday has been boring - I made some amazing mini posters for the board in the AU. Then Hyper value provided me with backing paper, Pins and Stickyback Plastic - It makes you wonder how computers caught on! I've made some FAQ stuff too, to stick up on various boards.

Sunday - Nanna's for Lunch!

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 10:46 AM BST
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Thursday, 2 October 2003

not a great deal happened - only one lecture - met Smelly Tom and had a a spoons lunch. Went to Jitsu and got punched on the nose by Rob - my bloking was out and then everything else goes with it. I hit Helen on the breast - she did kinda fall onto it tho. Ja bounced on Cl which was well funny. We had a black belt in Judo who wouldnt shut up and said she didnt want to be punched at and then said it wasnt violent enough, and when she tried to land on top of me she had to come between me and my arm.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 9:38 AM BST
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Tuesday, 30 September 2003

Only had 3 lectues today but had an uber breakfast Ive missed them. The first lecture consisted of have you done this....yes..and this....yes and now we are going to use procedural programming. Later on the other lecture was cancelled, the guy didnt turn up. And i skipped the last lecture because the it was the same as earlier and I would have rather gone to Jitsu. A lot of people turned up about 40 in all. Most of the people i spoke to turned up, so I was qite chuffed. Didnt recognise anyone Dan spoke to. Session was quite easy going. Smiley grabbed me after the warm and and showed the novices and learning to land is the first think they are going to be taught, and this is why. Had a few Harai Goshis Ippons and kote gaeshis to show them it didnt hurt really. Didnt get much room to roll on the mat. No novices stayed in th pub, i remember not wanting to either so fair play.
Went out into town (spoons) with Cluds and Helen, sat in the Taf for a bit, took the piss out of Dan. The Freeze defrosted over night - shit. Trying to sort now.
I am actual feeling happy being me for a change.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 9:16 AM BST
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Monday, 29 September 2003

Not a great deal happened yesterday I went to my Uncle's for lunch and then ate some point I wasted a few hours watching Evil dead 2+3. The DVD trilogy box set does not have the alternate ending unlike the #3 EvilDead3 from Wollies. I find this amusing. JItsu tonight, the question is do i bunk the lecture Ive got at 5-6 so i can get to Jitsu to help with the novices. I think I might have to but I will go to the student council and ask if its possible to move the lecture. At least on Monday. Mahbe we could start doing Saturday sessions. Because we have the dojo booked out. Lalala.

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 9:02 AM BST
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Saturday, 27 September 2003

Yesterday started badly: I woke up at 7am so i could have breakfast and showers before the AU fayre that was open to clubs. I got there at 8am and there was nobody offical about. The table they had given me was broken so i stole one from the stand next to mine. There wasnt any Velco/Cellotape like they had promised so I yoinked some WhiteTac that was left from the fayre yesterday. A cold had kicked in pretty bad. It turned out that the fayre was open at 10am not 9am. But all on my own i pot the stand together and hung pictures up etc. I think we need to update the pictures and get bigger pictures for next year. The fayre was not as busy as it had been last year, it was probably 1/2 attendence. We started out handing hundreds of flyers out and we got the impression that people thought our club was expensive. So we said if they sign up today they can get 2 free sessions. It should be enough to hook anyone! Things started to get a little busier and I started to lose my voice explain what Jiu Jitsu was and how it was different to many other martial arts. I began to enjoy it and you could begin to see in people's faces whether they would be interested in Jitsu. We had a few stupid people with the 'kill/attack' people attitude who we told to do another martial art. We made Dan got and photocopy 200more flyers because he was scaring people with stories of his mate who could take a direct hit with a Baseball bat. When he got back we made his fold them. Then a bit later could you do another 200 dan? I started talking to this really nice girl that wasnt sure which martial art to take up. After a bit of time talking I convinced her to join the club there and then, i was quite chuffed. Much after that the fayre was closed at 4.45 earlier than it should ahve done. We convinced a few people to come along to one free session without signing up - accept for the insurance conscious. Then the night out started! We met in the Woodie had a few pints met my Sensei - D sat next to his wife and started babbling, I went to get a pint and budged him up and Smiley says to his wife "Your lucky Tom's sat there because that other guy is....". Smiley was amazing last night completley relaxed and didnt give a shit about the world. Cluds got chucked out of Spoons for being pissed and when we went to ONeils Smiley chucks a tenner at the bouncer and lets the next 10people come in free. We start doing a how low can you go thing - any one whos seen me dance would know what Im on about. So to make it harder he does the splits. I joined him - bwahaha. The night fizzled out and after a stop in BK with Cluds and Dan on the way home. Me and Dan sit up until 3am chating about the day. I found it hard to sleep - bloodsugars and all the hectic day.

Today was non eventful. After managing to wake up give 20p to the guy who keeps having the police come round when i went to get milk. We went to spoons for grease - good old double minted lamb. Dan was beaten and skinny tom wins! Spent rest of the day making sure we had registers for new members etc. Watched Freddy got Fingered after Twin Town which was an interesting film. We are about to watch Dan viewing porn on the server using a remote desktop tool. BWAHHA

Sunday lunch tomorrow

Posted by spacezuluwarrior at 11:59 PM BST
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